The conference program is the backbone of the conference content. A good program makes the conference memorable and stands out from the rest of the conferences. The question is, how do you come up with a great digital media conference agenda? This article outlines tips for creating a perfect digital media conference program. You can apply these tips to come up with a quality digital media conference agenda.

Make it Navigable

Everything should look digital in a digital media conference. For a digital media event with many sessions, it can be overwhelming to navigate the entire conference program. Make sure you put sessions with divergent content into parallel streams. This will help attendees to identify their sessions easily.

Build in Lots of Breaks

Breaks during the conference help attendees to recharge. Make sure your guests have enough breaks and time to refresh and digest the content that has already heard.

Do Not Overwork Presenters

Presenters do great work during conferences and they should be taken care of. You give your presenters enough time to rest so that they have enough energy to focus and give a nice presentation. Distribute their keynotes and make sure their sessions don’t clash.

Schedule Coffee Breaks After Sessions

Coffee breaks enable delegates to network, connect, and discuss the previous sessions. Allow delegates to network and forge connections by scheduling coffee breaks after sessions. This is a perfect opportunity to discuss anything that could have arisen from the session.

Make the Program Accessible

Since this is a digital media conference program, the chances are that every delegate can access a digital copy. Share the link to the program with the delegates to familiarize themselves with it before the conference.

These are some of the tips you can use to build a perfect digital media conference program. Next time you are organizing a social media conference, make sure you apply them for a good program.